My studio is on a gravel road in Waldo, ME. It's an adventure to get there and ,as the photos shows, sometimes nearly impassable. So I am again braving the html.,css., and scary javascript. to revise a web site that I hope will function for us.

My friends want more background. So I added a "about"page for those wanting to know about swing pushing lambs and spinning Sea Island Cotton while delivering sail boats.Etc.

I'm a fiber artist who is inspired by the colors in nature and who loves colors and textures. My studies of Textiles Forsa Folkhögskola college in Sweden also was a huge influence on my work. Looking at maple tree's red buds in late winter inspires a blended yarn of blue, red, and gray; and then a hat in those colors. Or that green, gold, and brown felted shawl came from a walk in my woods(to the mail box). But that doesn't tell you how the yarn and hat happen; or how I felt a shawl. So I decided to do a story board on this page. I some day will do video, but that takes someone else videoing as I work. For now...photos are easier than words for me.(Captions show if you hover the little hand over the photo or are printed under the enlarged photo if you click on the thumbnail photo)

I have a Facebook page and Pinterest boards.

It is quicker to put thing on facebook with my phone; so be sure to click on the little blue facebook button and it will take you there to see my latest work,work in process, and other aspects of doing business .

Please go there to see my newest work. Thanks. And oh "Like" me on my facebook fiber fabrications page

I also have Pinterest boards of my work. If your on Pinterest follow Rose Whitehead.


Newest Product:1920's inspired cloche hats.

For a whole page of hats and handwoven fabrics waiting for you hat style choice ,head measurement, and velvet and silk choices go to the top of the page and click on the blue "hats" button.

Custom slippers.

Click on the "other work" blue button at the top of this page and follow the directions for sending me all the info I need to pattern and make your slippers. Below is an example of slippers made to fit Kathy and match her dog's hair.

Totes and Purses

For more purses and totes click on the "purses" blue button at the top of the page. There you will also find how to order your custom tote bag.(Captions show if you hover the little hand over the photo or are printed under the enlarged photo if you click on the thumbnail photo)

Coin Purses

Frame Purses

Custom Totes

Aislinn's Article on my work came out Tue March 6th. http://www.mainenewssimply.com/content/bangor-daily-news/waldo-fiber-artist- shares-each-step-her-art
Chanel 5 TV aired an interview with me on Fri. Aug 24,2012

Internet on my phone rosewhiteheadfiber@gmail.com.

I can't make products,and take photos get them on this site and receive email orders.I'm slow at this computer stuff, but it is easier not to have to travel to use one.A big thanks to my friends who opened their home computers to me. Being on this computer still takes away from making things. Weaving ,felting,and finishing products is what this business really is. Some photos are of groups of things .I may not have every item photographed still available. See things you like? Call or e-mail; tell me what you like. We will see what I have now for your preferences or custom make a piece for you .

Ordering is by phone 207-322-3654 and/or back and forth e-mails.