My hats' woven portions are made with bands of traditional Scandinavian rosengång pattern separated by handspun yarns. The side bands of the hats each have 5-7 different patterned bands, some with different yarns in each stripe, but most repeating the same colors and textures in each stripe.
The velvet hat lining feels luxurious against the skin and blocks wind well, but it doesn't stretch like many winter hats. Hats are available in 4 sizes, or custom sized to your measurment (for just $10.00 additional if resewing existing hat.Shipping cost is $10.00) Measure where you want your hat to sit on your head. Across forehead, over bottom of ears and across lower back of head is the typical hat placement for warmth.(These aren't measured like cowboy hats or bowlers.) S=22"-22.5"; M=23.5"-24";L=24.5"; XL=25"-25.5".For custom sized hats, add the measurement from the crown of head(very top) to desired end for hat on your forehead to the measurement over your ears.

The Exclusive Mihitabelle Collection

Hi I'm Mihitabelle and only I provide fiber for my line. It's about time Rose got my collection up. I've been sitting patiently on her lap for months getting my hair brushed out; so she could spin it. All that time sitting when I'm an active outdoors girl! Well here are the hats graced with my fur. I'm just one little rabbit so my line is limited to what I can produce. Oh yes! Then I have to wait around for Rose to spin, knit,weave,and sew. Ya she has finished only three color ways of hats, but I said I'm a little bunny!And all but two sizes have sold making it 3 hats total.

Thats it untill I shed more!
Mihitabelle will shed no more. She died 1 October 2012 .I miss her every time I come home and she is not on her rug greeting me. There is still knit up Mihitabelle's fur I haven't used yet, so her collection is not completed. I acquired an angora rabbit spring 2013 from Anna Barber's Bunnies.Her name is Eyebright and she is a joy. Just started spinning her fur this winter(2014) I will continue to call this style in Mihitabelle's memory and include a photo of the rabbit who supplied the fur for each hat. Here are some photos of Eyebright being good.

Brim Hats

(Captions show if you hover the little hand over the photo or are printed under the enlarged photo if you click on the thumbnail photo)

first style

brim hats with bias trimmed brim

second style,cloche


Non-brim Variations

Tassel Hats

Fold up Hats

Crewel Embroidery Pieces Hats

Shorter Above Ears Hats

Fabrics Woven for Custom Hats

Chose any of the above styles.Choose a woven fabric and a Velvet fabric.(*Choose 3 fabrics for Brim Hats Second Style. One needs to be douppioni silk. A contrasting fabric choice will be the brim edge i.e. darker or lighter than the other 2 fabrics.)Captions listed under the enlarged photo (if you click on the thumbnail photo) give colors name for each color grouping options.
Measure around your head where you want your hat to land on or above your ears. Measure from center top of your head to where you want hat to land on forehead.
Price Mihitabelle and Brim second style $95.00 Brim hat $85.00 And non brim $78.00 plus $8.00 Shipping.
Email rosewhiteheadfiber@gmail.com
Or phone 207-322-3654
Or sent with a check by Snail mailed to:
Rose Whitehead fiber fabrications.
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