The best way to order my work is to talk to me. (In person or by phone)
The quickest way to contact me is by cell phone.


I answer from the middle of gardens and the top of fruit trees. But ME has areas without reception; and occasionally messages do not pop up until two days later.

Other contacts are:


Snail mail:
Rose Whitehead
fiber fabrications
258 E.Waldo Rd.
Waldo ME 04915


Hats are all limited addition . I make Small, Med.,Large, and Ex Lg of the same hand woven fabric;then that is it. If I have a size larger than you want available, sewing it to exactly fit takes a short time. This is an option that web sales have over craft fairs and stores,and I highly recommend it. I have also added fabrics I have woven for hats but will sew them to order.Sewing usually can be done in about a week. (Except the time I broke my machine on thick felt and leather and had to wait for parts!)


Coin purses are one of a kind often made to match 7.5" frame purses or clutches.
7.5" metal framed purses are one of a kind with 7" zippered inner pocket..
Clutches are one of a kind The larger size has a wristlet and inner pocket.
Button purses are made two of a kind.
Totes are custom made to order only.

Felted pieces

Felted silk shawls and scarves are one of a kind, but similar colors are usually possible.

Other Work

Slippers are custom made to fit your foot.
Wall hangings are one of a kind and I make at the most one a year.

I weave and sew after gardening season ends in November until April, when gardening begins again.
I dye fleeces, sew, and felt on rain days during my gardening business. Spinning and small felting projects get done during slow times when store tending at craft co-ops or at crafts fairs.
Special orders are slow. Four months is the minimum time for any piece using my hand woven fabric. They can take longer. Felted shawls and scarves are about a month for special orders.