Coin Purses

Metal Frame Purses

Large Tote Bag.

To order a custom tote (14 length x 12.5 width x 4 depth in inches unless you specify differently)
1 Choose a color way. color/s you want (1-3) examples: Purple and black. Red. Photo of your dog. Photo of your favorite nail polishand light green.
2 Choose: Open Top, Tab Closure Top, or Drop Zipper Top.
3 Inner pockets.
-a. Patch pockets. Give measurements of Each Article you want a patch pocket for Length x Width x Depth.
-b. Padded pocket for laptop or tablet. (felt on all sides with magnetic flap top closure) Give measurements Length x Width x Depth.
-c. Zipper pockets. 2 maximum. 7 inch to 10 inch zippers. Give zipper length x width x depth.
4 Give shipping address, phone number, and email.
5 Cost Basic price of $250.00 includes outer woven and felted pockets and inner patch pockets. For each Zipper, Tab Closure, and Padded Pocket add $10.00. Shipping cost is $15.00. Add these up and Divide in half. This is you down payment to send before I begin your Tote Bag.
This info can be emailed to and your card number phoned to me at (207)322-3654.
Or sent with a check by Snail mailed to:
Rose Whitehead fiber fabrications.
258 E. Waldo Rd..
Waldo ME 04915

Clutch Purses

My clutch purses woven portions come in a varity of ways. Some are hand spun yarns with one or more stripes of Scandinavian rosengång pattern. Some are all rosengång pattern. And some have a woven patterened stripe in a velvet purse. They all have magnetic closures, and, of course, velvet linings.The larger size has inner pocket and a fold in wristlet handle.

I have had requests for shoulder strap rather than a wristlet. here is the chain option.

Small Clutch Purses

Buttoned Purses

My button purses are woven with a repeated stripe of one pattren in rosengång separated by hand spun yarn. I try to find hand made buttons when I can. I'm always on the lookout for buttons to match my purse fabric. Because of my passion for texure, the linings are velvet.

Tablet Cases

I got a tablet for ease of taking card sales and designing printed fabrics on line. Now I needed a protective case for carting it to shows.If I make something for myself I should learn others will want or need one too!